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Elegant Prom Hairstyles

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

If you have a plan on going to a prom soon, then chances are, you are wondering what hairstyle you will be wearing. Are you looking for an elegant one? If so, then there are many elegant prom hairstyles that you can choose from. As we write this article, we are going to tell you about some of the popular styles of this year.

Elegant Prom HairstylesDo you enjoy your long hair? Believe it or not, your long hair can do wonders for you at the prom. Yes, we know that it is hard to maintain every morning, but there are many styles you can choose from when it comes to long length hair.

What’s your favorite style for your hair? For the prom, you can take that style and add a twist to it. As an example, if you like wearing your hair half up and half down, then sweep your bangs across your face, add some colorful strength to them and top it off with an elegant hair accessory.

If you have curly hair, then you are in luck. Curly hair seems to look elegant all by itself. Many girls choose to leave their curly hair down and top it off with a hair accessory. Do you know what accessory looks great in curly hair?

Believe it or not, a little crown on the top of your head would look perfect. Who said you have to be crowned prom queen to wear one?

If you have short hair, then do not feel left out as there are many different styles that you can wear to the prom as well. There are many prom magazines and tips that will help you choose one of those elegant prom hairstyles. Remember, you should choose the one that also looks good with the dress you are wearing.


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Hairstyles For Prom

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Prom night is the most awaited night for all the teenagers. They dream a different look, a unique personality and an elegant hairstyle with flawless attire. Prom hair is the major concern for most of the females. To choose the best prom hairstyles that complement the prom dress, personality and the mood of the night is a big chore. The hairstyle should go with the prom theme as well. Every prom night has a theme that ties together all the aspects of the prom. Prom themes are diverse and play a vital role in the selection of prom dress and prom hairstyles.

Sexy Hair StylesThere is a vast selection of hairstyles for prom for both short and long hairs. For girls with short hairs there are plenty of short prom hairstyles that look formal as well as trendy. To name a few textured short cuts with plenty of texture and layers, short hairstyle with a fringe and pixie cut are the most popular. Long hairs are bit difficult to manage but yet there is abundance of prom hairstyles for long hair. Curls, waves, updos and chingnons look great on long hairs. Updos prom hairstyles are the staple of the prom night that compliments the flattering features and gives an elegant look. Some of the other hairstyles are simple chic cut with the front part pleated to one side and separated with a hair band; long boho waves with a center parting and waves throughout the tresses; and curly locks created with rollers or barrel.

Most of the girls with medium length hair are worried for the hairstyle but there are various medium length hairstyles as well. Infact they can take advantage of both short hairstyles and long hairstyles. Choppy mid length cut, curled locks and natural wavy are some of the styles that are perfect medium hairstyles for the prom night. Updos prom hairstyles can also be the best styling option for medium length hair. Sassy updo and knotted style updos are the most popular and easy prom hairstyles.

Today the most favorite hairstyle with the young girls is the sedu prom hairstyles. These hairstyles can be natural sedu hairstyle, formal sedu hairstyle or vintage sedu hairstyle. A natural sedu hairstyle simply implies natural beauty. It is either straight hair with curls or a loose bun that showcases the face of the wearer. A formal sedu hairstyle consists of a tight bun or a low ponytail. Vintage meaning old fashioned is the most expressive and elegant hairstyle for prom.

Early planning of the best hairstyle for the most awaited prom night can help to achieve a different, unique, elegant and flattering look that blends well with the ambience of the prom night.

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Women New Hair Styles

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

Straight hair will shine more that curly or wavy hair because of light reflection. For maximum shine apply straightening balm before blow drying for super sleek looks. When you are blow drying use a nozzle attachment to direct the airflow down the hair from root to tip. This helps to flatten the cuticle scales and add shine. If you have course or frizzy hair, use a big, round thermo brush that has a metal barrel that heats up during the drying process. This heat is then used to style your hair, just like straighteners would.

Short Prom Hair StylesThere are wide range of creams, serums and sprays available to add instant shine. Gloss is great for this. Smooth or scrunch it into the hair to tame flyaway ends and give a fantastic sheen to your hair. Rejuvenate curls by twisting them around your finger. Rub a small amount of curl definer onto your fingers and mold the curl by winding the hair around your finger. This eliminates frizz, reshapes the curl and adds shine. Always rinse hair your with clean running water to banish shampoo and conditioner from the hair as remaining deposits will make the hair dull.

When rinsing use cold water in the final rinse as this will close down the cuticle and encourage shine. Intensive conditioning treatments replace lost moisture and lock it in by adding a fine protective layer around the hair. Feeling in the party mood then wear your hair in relaxed, wavy curls which will be one of this seasons hot new hairstyle looks. You can rag roll or tong your hair, or use large rollers for lovely loose waves to be the belle of the ball.

For a trendy party look which suits styles with short, sharp layers, keep hair smooth and sleek, slicked back behind the ears with some gel, or to show off your layers, wear it more messed up by tousling it with putty.

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Are You Looking For A New Or Updated Hair Style?

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 30, 2009

There are 3 factors that you should consider before changing your hair style. First you should look at your face shape and body structure. A short woman may not look all that great with very long hair and a tall woman may not look good with a very short hair style.

Trendy Prom Hair StylesYou can determine your face shape by pulling all of your hair back into a ponytail, away from your face. Take a piece of chalk, or something that is washable, and trace the outline of your face using a mirror. Stand back and look at the shape that you drew. Your face shape could be a combination of the basic face shape, or it is exactly like one of the basic face shapes.

Some of the basic face shapes include:

Square Face Shape: Layered bobs, wisps around the face, and long layers are generally recommended for this face shape. Avoid very short or cropped hair or slicked-back styles.

Round Face Shape: Usually a layered cut and/or feathered cut will accentuate your facial features. Avoid any width in the hair at the sides of your face as this will make your face seem rounder.

Oval Face Shape: The envy of us all–this shape can wear almost any type of hair. Layered, curly, short, long….anything.

Long Face Shape: Any hair cut that is below the chin is best for this face shape. Long Face Shapes should avoid short hair.

Heart Face Shape: Another envy of us all–this shape falls into the same category as the oval face where virtually any shape will look good.

The second factor that has a great effect on your hair style is your current lifestyle. How much time do you devote every day to styling your hair, washing your hair, etc. This can be very important when selecting a new hair style. If you select a high maintenance hair style and don’t spend the time required to keep it looking good, you may not be very happy with the results.

The third factor for your hair style is color. Sometimes just a simple change of color or addition of highlights and lowlights can spruce up your style without having to do anything drastic. Color can do different things to your look. For example, adding a lighter or warmer color in the bang or crown area will lengthen your face. Whereas adding a darker or cooler color on the sides can decrease the width of the face.

Adding a lighter color to the sides will widen the face. Color can be used to create texture and accents to a hair style. Consult with your stylist for the best color combinations to use for your hair.

In short, if you are looking for a new or updated hair style, there are many different options available for you. You don’t need to do anything drastic to look different. Visit the Hair Styles Galleries at Hair Resources and find a new hair style that you like. All galleries have free access—so you don’t have to spend a ton of money looking for your style. Spend your money maintaining it!!

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Great Hair Styles

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

MORE THAN ANY other factors, the texture, bend and amount of your hair must govern your choice of a hairdo. I emphasize this point because in my experience the failure to understand it is a leading cause of women’s dissatisfaction with their hair, and their hairdressers. Great hair styles depend on a proper analysis of your hair.

Crazy Prom Hair StylesThe woman who is trying to work against nature must spend endless hours fussing with her hair and gets no better results than the one who has chosen an easily cared-for hairdo. A successful hairdo is one where the hair will spring easily back into place. Any other kind means you have to force the hair to do something that is not natural to it. If you choose one of the latter, a great deal more hair care will be required, and satisfactory results are questionable.

First you must examine your hair with a cold and impersonal eye. Study it as it actually is, not as you would like it to be or as it used to be. How fine or coarse is your hair? How thick or thin? Finally, and one of the most important questions, how much bend (natural wave or curl) does it have?

To answer these questions, first wash your hair. While it is wet, begin manipulating it with your fingers. Examine the top, back and sides by sections. By doing so you will be able to determine the amount of bend in your hair. This bend will help you decide on the style. When you locate a natural bend, if there is any, you can utilize it for a style that will be practicable for you.

It is possible that some sections will have more bend, some less, some none. The bend which can be utilized best is that found at the temples, the sideburns, and the top of the hair. You will realize, of course, that the amount of bend will vary with the length of the strand of hair. If your hair is long and shows no bend, this is what to do: isolate several sections of your hair, each section containing between one dozen or two dozen hairs.

Cut these sections shorter and shorter till you get them down to one inch in length. At each cutting manipulate them with your fingers and comb, to test them for bend. When you find the length at which one or all the sections respond, you should use that length as a measuring stick for the rest of the hair.

As I have said, it often happens that one section will have bend, the other none, so common sense will tell you to use the bend for movement or variation of line, and leave the rest as straight as possible.

When you discover one section with bend you must search carefully along its outer edges, to see how far it goes.

While on this subject, I must make it clear that finding bend in the hair applies to curly as well as straight hair, because even curly hair has some straighter sections which can be utilized for their straightness. Great hair styles will take account of these variations.

Once you have decided on the amount of bend your hair possesses, then you must think in terms of hairdos and whether you want to utilize all of the bend or just some of it.

Your next step is to begin thinking about the texture (fine, medium or coarse).

Fine hair has a tendency to frizz when curled too tightly. It looks its best when allowed to fall softly and naturally, with a minimum of curling.

Coarse hair will hold a curl or wave if you don’t curl it too tightly or wave it too much.

Medium hair is the most pliable and can assume many shapes.

Thin hair must be made to look thicker. One of the best ways is to wash it frequently and keep it free from oil. When hair is freshly washed it looks twice as thick.

Thick hair can always be thinned if necessary to assume a shape in conformity with your hairdo.

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Top Hair Styles For Your Prom

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Having a great hairstyle is essential when you go to such a special occasion, like a Prom or Homecoming.

New Prom Hair StylesIt’s worth practicing with your hair weeks before the actual day, this way you can be sure how long it will take you and whether it will be easy to do.

The simplest updos are usually the best looking and most elegant. When it comes to your hair less is definitely more. To start with when you put your hair up go for one solid look, do not try and mix and match.

Whether you opt for a more formal updo, or for creating masses of curls, check out your hairstyle with your outfit in plenty of time. If you’re not used to putting your hair up, you could suddenly find that you need extra jewelry such as earrings or necklaces that aren’t usually necessary.

Ensure that your hair is in tip top condition by taking time out to give it a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the big event.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping your ‘do’ looking amazing throughout the evening, especially if your locks tend to go frizzy, but there are solutions.

Firstly to apply a lot of product that will make your strands lie flatter, for example a deep conditioning treatment that washes out, or leaving some normal conditioner in after shampooing. On the evening you could also try using a hi-shine hairspray that will make your hairstyle look amazing as well as keeping it in place.

And don’t forget to smile and enjoy yourself!

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The Countdown To Finding A Great Prom Hairstyle

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

Every year, around February to March, some young teen girls find themselves in a frenzy as one of the biggest events of their high school years approaches. This is especially true for many senior high school girls about to graduate as it is literally the last dance. Those girls who have not picked out a dress, shoes, and hairstyle since early fall are now in a mad rush to find the best prom looks available. For those young women looking for great prom hairstyles, there are many sources for finding the hot look for Spring, the upcoming Summer look, or even retro prom hairstyles. This article should help young girls gather information quickly about great prom hairstyles.

Gorgeous prom Hair StylesWhen it comes to a prom hairstyle, the main idea is a formal hairstyle or a retro one that fits a gala like the prom or other big social event. That is why girls who have not selected a hairstyle should definitely watch the Academy Awards in March. Major celebrities attending the even will definitely be sporting some of the hottest and elegant hairstyles that might just work with the rest of your prom attire, which is a very quick way to grab some prom hairstyle ideas.

The next best source for finding that great prom hairstyle is in the many magazines that probably came out late January or early February with prom special issues. These magazines are designed especially for prom goers including models sporting many different looks on many types of dresses. These magazines provide a variety of looks which should help you chose a prom hairstyle. Popular magazines that are very useful in providing different hairstyles with different dresses and different facial shapes include YM, Teen, and Seventeen. All three of these magazines provide an abundance of hairstyles and other useful prom tips and are great sources to keep for younger siblings or friends.

For webbies who love using the internet, there are almost boundless resources out there from websites to guides all about prom hairstyles. Another quick way to find prom hairstyles, is to use popular search engine image search features for the term ‘prom hairstyles’. This is a very useful resource as it pulls many hairstyle images of the web from various sources. These sources include everything from magazine images to photos from prom goers who have posted their picture on various websites. All these images provide a great amount of possible prom hairstyles. Other useful keywords for image search include ‘formal hairstyles’, ‘wedding hairstyles’, ‘teen prom’, and a lot more. This feature has become one of the more useful ways at finding prom hairstyles.

Last Minute Search Tips

Many girls go with the normal elegant style dresses and hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to go with the retro styles. There are many classic retro style dresses and hairstyles that are great for proms and will make for a memorable evening. I am not talking way back, but there are some retro hairstyles that can me modernized a little to provide a very beautiful, unique look.

Adding Accessories to Prom Hairstyles

I recommend not going with any jewelry type accessories for hairstyles unless necessary. There are many hairstyles that are great without any accessories, and then there are a few updos and other styles that look great with tiaras, clips, and other little add-ons that add to the overall look. There are many hair accessory stores with great little hair add-ons so look around.

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Latest Celebrity Hair Trends

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 29, 2009

At a recent hair show, hair accessories were the most popular trend. Silk hair flowers, headbands, barrettes and jeweled clips brought the presented hairstyles to life.

Long Prom Hair StylesHair extensions have exploded since Jessica Simpson introduced a line of clip-in hair extensions. Transforming short hair to long in a matter of minutes, clip-in hair extensions are great for those who want to try it out without a lasting commitment. Clip-in hair extensions have to be removed every night and re-applied in the morning. When they first came out, clip-in and semi-permanent extensions were only used by celebrity hairdressers on their famous name celebrities. Over the past couple of years hair extensions have made it into mainstream hair salons and are offered throughout the nation.

Also, one of the latest trends is healthy, chemical free styles that embrace more natural products. Chemical hair treatments are being used less and all natural hair care is becoming popular.

Right now, long, lush hair is in. That which is full of waves or curls. Texture and volume is back in. Put your hair straightener in storage and dare to wear curls. They are back in a big way.

Bangs are fading to the side-swept variety. Wear a side part for an edgier style, with hair cascading over your eyes. Roll your hair in a side bun or braid and twist your hair up with a creative up-do.

For formal occasions, pull your hair back to the neckline with a fashionable hair piece. Leave the sides slick. Pull out strips of hair for a more sexy look.

The main point is, have fun with your hair. Be creative, possibly starting a new trend of your own.

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Modern Hair Styles For Women

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

There will be a point in our lives where we will take a good look at ourselves and decide to make some changes to the way we look or decide to have a complete style make over. This is when we will consider our hair cut and how we feel about the ahir style we are wearing.

Long Prom Hair StylesFor some this will mean drastic changes. Long flowing high maintenance hair might have had its place in our younger years, but now we are getting older, possibly reaching our forties and over, it might be time for a change.

What we need to consider when we change our hair style is that we might look totally different and it may take some time to get used to the new you. How can we make these changes where we will like how we look rather then just dread what we have just done?

One way is to consider very carefully what the overall look will be that we want. Do we want shorter hair as its easy to manage and maintain or do we need a hair cut in such a style that will add body and bounce to our hair?

The best way I can show you to make the right decision is to offer the advice that any other hair stylist would offer. That is, to look at other women as to the hair style they are wearing and see if you can choose one that you believe will suit you.

Once you have considered what type of style you would like you will need to search magazines and cut out the photos of the hair styles you are considering. Paste those photos on a piece of paper in the order of your preference with number 1 choice at the top followed by number 2 choice and so on.

Take your photo board to your friends or partner and ask for their advice. Pretty soon you will be able to narrow down your choices of hair style to three or four, maybe five.

Now you have narrowed down your choices you will need to consider the colour of the hair style you are considering. Do you want a full permanent colour or a semi wash colour? Will you considered streaks and or highlights? Will you consider a perm style wave style or straight style?

Once again, search for your colours and style of hair cut by cutting out photos and start the procedure once again, being number 1 at the top followed by number 2. Get your friends to comment on the style of your new hair cut and see what colours and cutting techniques will suit you.

Finally, take your choices to your hair stylist and ask their advice. Often hair salons will have a few hair stylists and I am sure if you gathered them around and asked their advice you will narrow down your new hair style to just one choice.

This simply technique will lessen any fears you may have when considering a new hair style or a complete makeover. Hair styles for women are many so by making the right choice at the very start will achieve the look you desire.

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Formal Long Hair Styles

Posted by Prom Hair Styles on June 28, 2009

If you are indecisive about how you should wear your long hair for your next formal event, we can give you some tips for the best hair style to suit your face and personal style. A long hair style worn down or up can draw attention to your face, makeup, arms or upper body. Long hair styles done right can make you look and feel ten years younger. No matter what your preference for a hair style, a well thought out style for your formal event will make sure you turn heads and leave an impact on everyone there.

Cute Prom Hair StylesMany women opt for an up do when it comes to formal long hair style. This is great for women wanting to draw attention to their chest or shoulders. If you’ve been hitting the gym then a formal hair style tied up would be a great choice to show off your hard work. However, if you have long, sexy locks and you want to show them off in your formal long hair style, here’s some tips for going about wearing it down the right way.

How to wear a long hair style with a formal dress Keep in control of the volume of your long hair style with products designed to add texture and shine to your curls. For the most sophisticated look, we recommend using hot rollers to get the sexiest loose waves or curls for your long hair style.

Be sure to take it easy on the jewelry with your long hair style – long hair says it all. Long flowing locks are a statement alone, so no need to overdo it.

Easily take your daytime long hair style into a nighttime long hair style with the addition of a beautiful hair clip, ribbon or barrette. It is a simple and classy way to transform your long hair style instantly.

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